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岩間 眞知子
日本健康学会誌 (ISSN:24326712)
vol.85, no.1, pp.30-42, 2019-01-31 (Released:2019-02-25)

Health care is about leading a healthy live style and avoiding getting sick.Eisai, the Japanese monk from medieval times, claimed in Kissa Yojoki (“Notes on Tea and Health Care”) that “Tea is the best medicine for longevity.”Longevity depends on both physical and psychological care. Not only does tea provide many good nutrients for the body, but it also offers social interaction between people. In addition, it enhances one’s creativity and appreciation of art. In this way, tea has existed with mankind for over 2000 years, providing a good physical as well as psychological influence. One could even say that the meaning of tea and health care comes from selecting suitable teas to enjoy in different states of health and with different foods.


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