Center for Academic Publications Japan
Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology (ISSN:03014800)
vol.66, no.Supplement, pp.S283-S285, 2020 (Released:2021-02-22)

Rasulullah Shallahu’alaihiwassalam said, “if a fly falls in the vessel anyone of you, let him dip all of it (in the vessel) and then throw it away, for in one of its wings has the ailment and the other has the cure” (Al-Bukhari). This hadith creates controversy because in general flies are a vector for the spread of disease from dirty places to food or drinks. Therefore, the research was conducted on right-wing of fly (Musca domestica) as neutralization of drinks contaminated by a microbe. This research used the method of Complete Random Design by 5 treatments and 2 repetitions. The treatment was done by sterilized water (positive control), drinking water added to the bacteria Escherichia coli (negative control), and drinking water contaminated by Escherichia coli bacteria with the addition of 1, 2, and 3 flies right-wings. The research began with taking the right-wing of fly and continued with the dilution of Escherichia coli culture tubes up to 6 times. The bacterial culture inoculation was carried out using Pour Plate method on Eosin Methylene Blue agar which is incubated for 12–48 h at a temperature of 37ºC. Data retrieval is done by observing the calculation of the number of microbes using a colony counter every 12 h. The data which obtained for 48 h incubation show “0” as the result, that cannot be analyzed with SPSS. The result indicates the microbial development does not occur on contaminated drinks by addition with right-wing of Musca domestica.


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@Zoom_in_Zoom @PharmaMedic95 il faut que tu lise ce papier, qui essaye de reproduire le hadith de l'aile de mouche. De la recherche scientifique de haut niveau! https://t.co/Ojjqo7wX52
References: https://t.co/Yve1mnoPFg
@lelouch_pak @Liv44gud @RKSA_en Why should i?You made the claim not me. go and try the experiment yourself, all the details are here. https://t.co/Rvo7hOSby8.
@dooferuk @macman526 @freemonotheist https://t.co/qi0GHA8zFB
https://t.co/iHDxQ9SwCG voici l'étude : - elle commence par allah prie sur mohamad - explique que le but est de prouver que ce hadith absurde est vrai on peut fermer le thread la car cette étude a déja la même valeur que de la lecture sur une boite de kellogs https://t.co/SseAfEFDbD
@Danish_SMF https://t.co/HaBf9iA9Lk Please download n read the article. It is from 2019. No one else bothered to repeat this study.
@MutahNapoleon Download the PDF of the research paper here In-Sha-Allah. https://t.co/8HO52W6BYf
@exmuslim121 You want experiment there you go https://t.co/ifb56wKohw)%20(9)
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@PPartyPooper @AvianYours @bloody_cap @Chaosyn @LostLeanore @aka_c00lest @Tokyogreen @slim_jim192_fr @cubbycat87 @billunai2 @bluewholes @Perfect_Gntlman @Lilyad6 @JimTeflon @freddiechurro13 @__azesra__ @mrdotphd @pn_r6 @Gubomaster @MARazack26 @KChlip @nass8er @Asif29697484 @SSourjesus @tippiebear @PringoDingo632 @Budrus_Dhuliman @egqbjou9 @peacebuponthemm @Ssembatyaemman6 @Gordon_Rear @MonierPhd @VijayaGaddee @GenesisLadies @littlemeonearth @MariaMiya007 @al_seedra @1bobo12345678 @psycho4ensics1 @rubyehsan7 @MOBO_FA @username4what @Daniel_Samy_ @ImamNoonan @10CowboyUp @Billunai3 @yousefbenyef https://t.co/ybyi485TAW https://t.co/8u6pIvEgD5
Randomized controlled trials in the context of human nutrition do not exist
@SergiEscanes You do not have peer-reviewed papers to prove that you breath
@Gibor_ @ImtiazMadmood You poor ill read, ill educated ! https://t.co/zxiKSpcj34 https://t.co/nMCHY1RDEV
@nuriyahk @ExMuslimSameer They even made a „study“ that appears like a scientific paper. Using right wings of flies go inhibit E. Coli growth. Worth a read and a laugh. The one diagram they came up with is reeeeeeeeally sophisticated!
@quejesuisbete https://t.co/zuzhcVZ5b8 wrong again
The Right-Wing of Fly (Musca domestica) as a Neutralization of Drinks Contaminated by Microbe Ivena Claresta, Dianti Desita Sari, Susi Nurohmi, Fathimah, Amilia Yuni Damayanti Affiliation Darussalam Gontor University. 2019-2020 https://t.co/QGsNWahRNa
@Zindeh_Khwari The Prophet (ﷺ) said "If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink) and take it out, for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease." the study for it https://t.co/tAYqor9CZo https://t.co/fEHcW5bywM
@KnowledgeQues16 https://t.co/5nPA61teGl
@KnowledgeQues16 https://t.co/5nPA61teGl Just concede you are a keyboard warrior working in his mother's garage. Let the scientists do their work
@KnowledgeQues16 https://t.co/5nPA61teGl You are out of your league
@KnowledgeQues16 https://t.co/5nPA61teGl Enjoy the scientific method and lab test results
@pigmaher @YasMohammedxx He laughs best who laughs last: https://t.co/ZjOdXKjt57
@brumbyoz only if you read brother there were research carried out in riyadh, also in Indonesia, could not find the pdf version of riyadh research but i provided you the pdf version of Indonesian research https://t.co/FlPjwJe0ms.
@brumbyoz Read the conclusion in this link first and then go back and read the explanation. https://t.co/eNkv0ljGDM
Our EcoCyc curator just came across a paper that claimed to prove that the right wing of a housefly has antibiotic properties, consistent with a hadith that says that where left fly wings carry disease, right wings carry the cure, and it's bizarrely bad! https://t.co/z38ykfeRqc

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