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日本鉱業会誌 (ISSN:03694194)
vol.74, no.843, pp.535-552, 1958-09-25 (Released:2011-07-13)

Underground working place in coal mine in Japan became dipper and dipper, and we can not product coal so efficiently with our mining system, so called “inclined sys em.”In order to more efficiently product coal, many people recognized, it is necessary to adapt the mining system in Europe, for instance in Germany and France, namelly so called “horizontal system”.It is said, the translation from the inclined system to horizontal system is for our coal mine in Japan very urgent and important problem.After War, many shafts were already excavated for the above mentioned purpose. As we know in Japan, many superior shaft sinking technic in Europe especially in Germany was introduced and technic in Japan was also very improved. But it is not yet so gut as in Europe. Till today many mechanization and rationalization was achieved, for instance, mechanization of loading (Adaption of Greifer) and rationalization of working system etc. Sinking speed in Japan is about 40-50m, in Europe. about 50-70m per month. In U. S. S. R, it is said, they excavated per month 241.1m.From now ono we must force to achieve the mechanization of not only loading, but bohring, walling as in U. S. S. R. and also the rationalization of working-system and cycle.


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