Dr John Weiner (@AllergyNet)


This had pretty well been sorted in the 1960s - house dust is inferior to dust mite for immunotherapy https://t.co/56zHPl2EzW
So, monkeys are “good in vivo models mimicking (hay fever)”. Try humans https://t.co/Clp1Kfl8DH
One of the few really scary skin diseases is toxic epidermal necrolysis. Review of its immunopathogenesis https://t.co/9n4Vepu6Qw PDF
"Concealing emotions at work is associated with allergic rhinitis"... or vice versa...or a faulty comparison https://t.co/mxwDzPFiZW
Respiratory allergy to laboratory animals is common, but anaphylaxis rare. Open access https://t.co/xHyMUFxTsh
We know poorly treated allergic rhinitis makes asthma worse. The same applies to occupational asthma #FOAMed https://t.co/lvhkAYvPui
Why is latex allergy still a problem? Instructive paper by nanoscientists. Nice resource for teaching. PDF #FOAMed https://t.co/wxsvFlG1Go
Life-threatening laryngeal edema due to ACEinhibitor after coronary artery stent https://t.co/zOT2ZAuAZB http://t.co/8rnriwRvyh
2-pack glue causing allergic dermatitis in a manicurist and dental hygienist https://t.co/H0SttfEwGm http://t.co/4BWWrEGszj
Another study confirms benefit of chest rehab, here in air-pollution resp disease. Full text. #physio http://t.co/o5zsW7mJdk
How much would you like to know about itch? How about ... everything. Full text PDF https://t.co/tLiNPVr1K8
Reports of IgG4-related disease still doing the rounds. Here's a variant. Open access https://t.co/3t4gTKYiaG
Wheat in soap led to mini-epidemic of complex allergy in Japan. Lots of info. Full text https://t.co/bfn4v3Yijc
This is tricky - severe allergy from food in cosmetics. Not rare. Full paper in Japanese, English abstract http://t.co/rXOyK6raX5
Transient bronchospasm after Japan earthquake. Intriguing case report. Open to interpretation. Full text http://t.co/S0aQHiom