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Review: Electrical Stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve for overactive bladder. 15 papers considered. Conclude… https://t.co/RJIXGTe4oI
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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as an adjunct to rehab ex's (not a replacement) is effective in enhancing volunta… https://t.co/Rj4Vg745fc
Interesting case study with E Stim being used in combination with regular dysphagia therapy for an elderly patient… https://t.co/SD9pn2zj8d
Breathing Exercise with or without transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in chronic stroke. Exercise alon… https://t.co/61GtYYK2Q1
EMG Biofeedback added to traditional rehab for upper limb function post stroke. Provides significant benefit. 4 wee… https://t.co/1J0r3B9K6L
High Intensity Laser added to conservative therapy for pain + function in chronic low back pain patients. Small stu… https://t.co/Ey2XwnhX6v
Transcranial Direct Current Stim (tDCS) for depression + quality of life issues post stroke. 2 groups Both get stan… https://t.co/oz33iGKv7b
Using vibration before or after exercise induced muscle damage (or control). Vibration pre exercise most beneficial… https://t.co/MJeT7Hzcsh
Shockwave for pain (VAS) + function (WOMAC) for patients with degenerative arthritis. Sig effect on both outcomes o… https://t.co/v0aojzi2GT
Useful comparison of High Intensity Laser + Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in primary dysmenorrhea. Both give… https://t.co/bL9CJkTES4
Functional Elec Stim (FES) to tib anterior has a positive effect on gastrocnemius muscle tone + stiffness post stro… https://t.co/lwU9UwBqBs
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Ultrasound in OA Knee. Pre-post study. 10 sessions US @ 1MHz; 4 min; pulse @ 20%; 0.44 W cm2. Significant improveme… https://t.co/ZG7099Ouxs
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Interesting paper on the effect of Interferential on 'forward head' posture. when compared with controls. Could hav… https://t.co/1S41uAh8Lt
Microcurrent vs cryotherapy early intervention post rotator cuff surgery. Effects on pain + inflammation. Looks lik… https://t.co/fqYj6X5yHv
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@recoverthemiles several recent papers but mostly pain related e.g. http://t.co/busbfth1HU ; http://t.co/gNeRBL0NJR ; http://t.co/jntMjO9Lsi
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