Ryan Schmidt (@bigskybioarch)


Our new paper is out: mtDNA of Verteba Cave Trypillians show ancestral relationship to early Neolithic farming cultures. More genome-wide data to come... https://t.co/ooAzawOdUh
Congrats Gaku! Radiocarbon dating of one human and two dog burials from the Kamikuroiwa rock shelter site (Japan): http://t.co/5poAhWCM2X
RT @paleogenomics: MitDNA analysis of Jomon dogs from the Kamikuroiwa Rock Shelter site in Shikoku &the Higashimyo site in Kyushu Japan htt…
New publication! Iron Age nomads of southern Siberia in craniofacial perspective (Schmidt and Evteev): http://t.co/pcpX6hdMsI