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"In fresh cadavers, lipid-rich coronary plaques are associated with adventitial VV and local inflammation in adjacent EAT." - Vasa vasorum neovascularization might be the main cause of lipid-rich plaques.
@nickandre @DrNadolsky @NathanEqualsOne @siobhan_huggins @DaveKeto "These indicated that there exists a distinct difference in the concentrations of lipoproteins between serum and interstitial fluid of both thoracic and pulmonary intimas: interstitial LDL is 1/5 to 1/10 of serum counterpart" -


Paradoja de hemoglobina glicosilada Relacionan esta con la presencia de placas de aterosclerosis, pero no relacionan LDL (Se preguntan si es por el uso de estatinas?) Te recuerdo que correlación no implica causalidad, pero su ausencia es para pensar
Si miramos la tabla, mas LDL modificado, mas diabetes, mas obesidad, mas troglicéridos, menos HDL En resumen a MAS SÍNDROME METABÓLICO, MAS SE MODIFICA LDL
@ZahcM @nickandre @DrScottMurray @FatEmperor @rootcausing @JeffryGerberMD @CerealKillers13 @IMWHorvitz @raphaels7 @LDLSkeptic sdLDL should be a strong correlate to chronic inflammation. I just came across this study earlier today (image is from an older review).