3 0 0 0 OA 米の比熱

山田 豊一
公益社団法人 日本農芸化学会
日本農芸化学会誌 (ISSN:00021407)
vol.58, no.1, pp.31-33, 1984 (Released:2008-11-21)

The specific heat of Japanese rice at different stages of milling was measured. The specific heat of rough rice was measured by an adiabatic calorimeter, husked rice by a modified ice calorimeter and fully milled rice by a twin calorimeter. Their specific heat values were slightly lower than foreign rices. The relationship between the specific heat of rough rice and moisture content is indicated by the following regression equation: C=0.0112 W+O.217, moisture content 9.8% to 23% where C is specific heat (cal/g °C) and W is moisture content (%). For husked rice and fully milled rice, measurements were made in lower ranges of moisture content. The relationship between the specific heat and moisture content was indicated by two segments with one break, and the regression equations were: For husked rice (Nihonbare), C=0.117+0.240, moisture content below 9.2%, C=0.00805 W+0.272, moisture content 9.2% to 14%, For husked rice (Koshihikari) C=0.0109 W+0.234, moisture content below 9.2%, C=0.00803 W+0.262, moisture content 9.2% to 15%, For fully milled rice (Koshihikari) C=0.0121 W+0.217, moisture content below 9.4%, C=0.00801 W+0.255, moisture content 9.4% to 15.5%.


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米そのものの比熱は0.3cal/gを下回ると思われる。ここでは炊いたご飯(水を60%程度含む)の比熱を1 * 0.6 + 0.3 * 0.4 = 0.72 [cal/g]と大きめに見積もる。50℃の茶碗中盛りのご飯(炊きあがり150g)と0℃のもののエネルギーの差は 50 * 150 * 0.72= 5.4 [kcal] https://t.co/3ANhDLJvq1 https://t.co/O7xSziwagn
20℃・200gの水を100℃にするために必要なエネルギーは1,600(cal) そこから20gを気化させるエネルギーが20(g)*539.8(cal)=10,796(cal) 米の比熱はなんと論文があったので引用すると、白米コシヒカリで1.065cal/g℃ 米1合(20℃)だと150(g)*80(℃)*1.065=12,780(cal) https://t.co/mZ1KZ03n0Q
https://t.co/sI9bDcISgx ラーメンの麺自体はそこまで熱くならんのにお粥はクソ熱くなるということで

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