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"Lower Incidence of CIN among Young Women with HPV Vaccination in Miyagi, Japan": https://t.co/iq786SgDyv "The redu… https://t.co/yK3bD42ODO
@concettaeedy And yet they are lagging behind other countries in preventing e.g. rubella. Compare… https://t.co/01VrufQToA
Beneficial Effects of HPV Vaccine for Prevention of Cervical Abnormalities in Miyagi, Japan: https://t.co/TU5NHwZAIy ASCUS+ lower, n small.
@nurselinda15 Yeah. Active HPV infections elsewhere can act as reservoirs, see e.g. http://t.co/B2zKtwTfIE, and even http://t.co/bMk1L99xby




アウトブレイク事例1:フィリピンから帰国後の4歳→2歳、7ヶ月、8ヶ月、9ヶ月、33歳に拡大。2例入院。ウイルスはB3型。 事例2: 渡航歴なし宿泊施設勤務22歳男性→25歳、33歳に拡大。ウイルスはH1型。 「大阪府における… https://t.co/7QbTgqT1cl
RT @SarcomaAlliance: This technical abstract describes screening 351 growth inhibiting drugs for activity in sarcoma cell lines. Chetomin,…