3 0 0 0 IR 葵上の生と死

大井田 晴彦 Oida Haruhiko
名古屋大学人文学研究論集 (ISSN:2433233X)
vol.1, pp.459-471, 2018-03-31

Lady Aoi (Aoi-no-ue) was the daughter of the Prime Minister (Sadaijin), and the first legal wife of Hikaru Genji. But, the couple were not well-matched. It was a political marriage, and this was not a love-match. There were no waka between this couple. The adjective uruhashi was often used for her. Genji feld her coldness and angularity dissatisfiedly. It was only his prejudice. She had a character warm kindly essentially. She was a domestic, and reliable wife. In the chapter of Aoi, in the marriage ninth year, she became pregnant, conjugal relations have begun to improve. She gave birth to a boy (Yugiri) and has been murdered by Rokujo no Miyasudokoro's spirit. Genji began her who suffered and felt love her very much. Aoi died in the middle of August as if The Moon Princess (Kaguyahime of Taketorimonogatari) returned to the moon. Her death was mourned for, and it was beautified by many words. They were unhappy, but she was an irreplaceable wife. She lived in the recollection of the people.


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