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What are these bizarre objects? In the 19th century, some famous curious people regularly gathered to study and comment on rare objects and illustrations they brought, and summarized them into books. #ndldigital https://t.co/91ame3L4xf https://t.co/gRCBweIyUn
@NDLJP_en Much more interesting if you ask me: a specimen of Manchu script, though not really Manchu language @ https://t.co/Vu0pBC2YtR. It's actually a poem by Wang Wei 王維 (699–759), the Chinese pronunciation of which is transcribed in Manchu script. 3/ https://t.co/skDz4mJX0d
@NDLJP_en Some more interesting stuff from the @NDLJP_en ms. of Tanki manroku 耽奇漫録 (1820s). First some clickbait -- a sort of cute (?!) portrait of Miyamoto Musashi 宮本武蔵 @ https://t.co/JT9kCszNe1 2/ https://t.co/5SzQHraRYu
耽奇漫録 20巻 https://t.co/GSJVLF5WEU https://t.co/5zoP6qwfUn

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