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In 1868, a new government was established in Japan, as a result of British/American invading Japan. This event is c… https://t.co/aA7GyC0GYw
@rravi @bhAratenduH Buddhism related vegetarianism https://t.co/qW96OsD6Qp There are lots of authentic documents,… https://t.co/UsfZS96lm9

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@amankplayer @sankrant Wamyō Ruijushō for 931-938. You can get lots of information here. https://t.co/b854V0v6jE
@amankplayer @sankrant For edo period, https://t.co/WHOjDhSeex The map shows where people did or didn't eat fish.… https://t.co/IOI0GJNShP
@dharmaesthetics Here is one good starting point, written in 1947. As with all valuable documents, not freely avail… https://t.co/KIQheh7cZo
@nikoo21a Yes. It is hard to obtain a copy, but certainly is a valuable book. https://t.co/4DSvCfyhw0




RT @SamuraiK7: @sasakitoshinao @Kyukimasa @Mika_Regan 写真は失踪(1937年)の二年前に出版された写真集のもの『海の生命線我が南洋の姿 : 南洋群島写真帖』, 昭和10(1935)年10月 発行 >> https://t.c…
満鮮地理歴史研究報告.  第1 - 国立国会図書館デジタルコレクション 東京帝国大学文学部 編 出版者: 東京帝国大学文学部 出版年月日: 大正4-15 https://t.co/O9c9B2YUsM