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49 2 0 0 OA 法令全書

In 1868, a new government was established in Japan, as a result of British/American invading Japan. This event is c… https://t.co/aA7GyC0GYw
@rravi @bhAratenduH Buddhism related vegetarianism https://t.co/qW96OsD6Qp There are lots of authentic documents,… https://t.co/UsfZS96lm9

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@amankplayer @sankrant Wamyō Ruijushō for 931-938. You can get lots of information here. https://t.co/b854V0v6jE
@amankplayer @sankrant For edo period, https://t.co/WHOjDhSeex The map shows where people did or didn't eat fish.… https://t.co/IOI0GJNShP

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RT @jackiemopsy: From the prewar book documenting deep rooted cultural tradition of cannibalism in China (from long before Communism) *I m…
@dharmaesthetics Here is one good starting point, written in 1947. As with all valuable documents, not freely avail… https://t.co/KIQheh7cZo
@nikoo21a Yes. It is hard to obtain a copy, but certainly is a valuable book. https://t.co/4DSvCfyhw0




RT @AititSui: @GCXVTCnCmxI3SUf @yobu_dai @hitoshi44867230 @Naoki70patriot @Kotaroganbare @bettarabt1966mh @japanesetit 日本人の八紘為宇・八紘一宇とは、 「全て…
RT @hinatanococo: @ebLeqAoGCmp2FR7 偽写真ばかりだ。 Pic of 1910-1911 Dessecting victims of the Plague, Tiehling China/Manchuria. frame No. 67,68,10…
The Japanese Diaspora and the Slave Trade https://t.co/Katasoq7eG