54 53 53 0 IR 青年会議所と政治

佐賀 香織
城西現代政策研究 (ISSN:18819001)
vol.8, no.1, pp.47-60, 2015-03

The Junior Chamber International Japan (JCIJ) has contributed to the society ever since its foundation. It is said that the local activity of JCIJ has created the higher standard on the town planning and the urban development. It is an association which has its basis in local community for establishing the local democracy. The JCIJ's exercise in its local JCI activities has definitely changed Japanese local community. The activities consulted on the town development, the human resources development, the educational problem, and the environment problem. Is this Group a pressure group, or service organization? This article aims to clarify the biggest question of the time.In this paper, the focus is on the JCIJ role in a relationship between government and economy, i.e. the public sector and the private sector.