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本郷 和人
公益財団法人 史学会
史学雑誌 (ISSN:00182478)
vol.112, no.12, pp.1899-1935, 2003-12-20 (Released:2017-12-01)

The present article offers a new view of the important political disturbance within the Kamakura Bakufu that occurred during the eleventh month (shimotsuki霜月) of 1285 in an attempt to clarify the political situation within the Bakufu during its later years.The conventional political history of the incident is based on the assumption that the warrior class was unconditionally one composed of natural administrators.However,the author is not convinced that they were all that knowledgeable about the art of governance at the time the Bakufu was founded.At that time,the local land proprietors of the Kanto region formed a political mechanism known as a "bakufu" to protect their rights,which led to start their carrers as administrators.They learned how to govern only through experience over time.An analysis of the amendments and revisions made to the Seibaishikimoku成敗式目 code shows that the Bakufu only became serious about politics and governance after the civil war of 1221.An excellent example of this is the "welfare" measures to nurture the people (bumin撫民) adopted during the Kencho建長 era (early 1250s).On the other hand,the order issued during the Einin永仁 era concerning debt remission was aimed solely at Bakufu vassals (gokenin御家人) and can hardly be looked upon as an act of governing the country.In this sence,the Bakufu should be looked upon as having two different aspects : people forming the mechanism for the Bakufu to govern the country,and those forming an organization to protect the interests of gokenin.Focussing on the remission of debt issue,we can observe political conflict arising within the Bakufu at the time of the Mongol invasion,which can be interpreted in terms of opposition between the above "administrator" and "gokenin interest" groups,the former being represented by Adachi Yasumori安達泰盛,the latter by Taira Yoritsuna平頼綱.The clash that occurred between them known as the Shimotuski incident resulted in the defeat and decline in influence of the "administrator" group who felt the Bakufu should be involved in governing the whole country.The resulting Bakufu organization,which became over-concerned with protecting the interests of its gokenin constituency,would sooner or later lose the support if the other elements of society,resulting in its eventual fall.


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霜月騒動に関する論考として、本郷和人「霜月騒動再考」を読む。 印象として佐藤進一や村井章介、細川重男の見解を主に参考として、 ・統治=安達泰盛=将軍復権 ・御家人の利益=平頼綱=得宗集権 種々の側面を加味して上記の構図を提示した事に意義があるのだろうと思った。 https://t.co/gKQvL6RK4C
H郷先生の霜月騒動論文はこれが面白かった 民云々ってのの元はこれか? ん?ってなるとこも多かったけど私の理解力がないからかもしれない……霜月騒動全然わからん勉強しないと…… https://t.co/NxA0TdxQrP
本郷和人「霜月騒動再考」『史学雑誌』112-12、2003年、22頁。 https://t.co/cgRLxheLyu 北条義政の引退は、得宗による「統治派」の後退であると見解

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